"I had an incredibly enriching experience volunteering at OTTP, which ultimately solidified my interest in pursuing pediatric OT. Learning from various OTs in diverse settings and communities was so valuable. Each OT modeled for me the importance of positive relationship building; empowerment through both connection and autonomy; and creative thinking and problem-solving. Every practitioner fostered a collaborative and mutually supportive environment, treating each other and each youth with compassion, respect, and care. Particularly meaningful to me was also the opportunity to be an active participant in clinical meetings, where practitioners, interns, and volunteers all touched based to share research and experiences in order to collectively brainstorm." - Elizabeth Bowers, Former OTTP Volunteer


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at OTTP-SF! The process of becoming a volunteer is unique. Every interested volunteer's application is reviewed carefully by our clinicians. If a clinician has the need for support and the availability to supervise a volunteer, they will reach out to schedule an interview and potentially bring the volunteer on board. Because we are a HIPAA compliant agency we require the following from volunteers:

-Background clearance
-TB test
-A six month commitment

We currently have an opening for approximately 1-4 hours of material/intervention prep 1-3 times/month. Most of it could take place asynchronously either remotely or at the office, with access to the printer, laminator, and any other needed supplies at the office space. Expectations for materials prep would be guided in person or over the phone by clinicians to create games, flyers, and other activity supplies that will be visually appealing to youth and to work on skill-building for healthy relationships, communication, coping strategies, and other mental health needs.

If you are interested, you would also be welcome to attend as many clinical meetings as you would like to supplement your volunteer hours, which take place weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. These meetings would be optional.

If you are still interested, please complete the volunteer application and return to us at info@ottp-sf.org.

Looking for OT Observation Hours?

Please reach out to this email fieldwork@ottp-sf.org if you are looking for OT observation hours prior to applying to school. We have intermittent availability throughout the year for prospective OTs.

Join Our Advisory Board

Thank you for your interest in joining our Advisory Board! We rely on the support of our wonderful community. To apply to be part of our team, please review this brief description of what the role of Advisory Board member at OTTP-SF looks like and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

We are committed to an ongoing focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity in our hiring practices, policies, and clinical interventions.