Impact of Our Services

Each year, we serve 1,000 Bay Area youth. OTTP-SF youth benefit from our services in a multitude of ways, including:

Testimony from Our Community Partners

"The amazing OTTP Team at IHS literally brought wellness services outside of the Wellness Center and into the larger community. Their approach through activity-based therapy has helped us support many more students who would've never walked into the Wellness Center for services. Based on the trusting relationship developed with the OTs, students were more inclined to accept intensive mental health services offered through the Wellness Center. OTs have revolutionaized our service delivey system and we are a more effective student support program because of them!"
- Dre Collaco, LCSW PPSC Independence HS Wellness Coordinator
"OTTP-SF staff are creative, flexible, knowledgeable, and collaborative. I am so grateful to be able to partner with the OTTP-SF team to support the mental health of several children and youth who struggle with anxiety, depression, and trauma. OTTP-SF therapists bring together their knowledge of adolescent/young adult development, their skills as occupational therapists, and their client-centered approach to promote the youth's growth and development. OTTP-SF staff work with clients at home, at school, at their jobs, and in the community -- literally 'meeting the clients where they are,' and helping clients to develop essential, real-world skills to help them function better in each environment. OTTP-SF has been instrumental in helping my clients to explore their interests (woodworking, Japanese culture, photography), obtain and maintain jobs, apply for and participate in internships, get to their medical appointments or to the pharmacy to get medication, learn how to cook, and even graduate high school. If I could, I would refer every client to OTTP-SF!"
- Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, San Francisco
"My clients have benefited tremendously from OTTP-SF services over the years. Through an individualized exploration of their strengths and occupational interests, they were able to develop their sense of agency and self worth, and achieve their personal goals including fulfilling their dream of employment."
- Kimberly Tseng, MD
Chinatown Child Development Center
San Francisco Health Network
Department of Public Health