"The intern experience at OTTP-SF is unique, allowing for incredible freedom and ongoing opportunities for new experiences to develop clinical skills. Now as an employee, I continue to feel supported by my colleagues so I can grow as a clinician and find new ways to engage our youth!" - Lily Nichols, OTR/L

Occupational Therapy Internships

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MSW/MFT Track/LPCC Internships

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Occupational Therapy Internship at OTTP

Our premier internship program offers comprehensive training for occupational therapy and social work students interested in community based mental health for youth. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide clinical supervision for talented, motivated students who have a passionate interest in serving this population.

OTTP Staffing for OT Interns

OTTP-SF has a qualified staff of occupational therapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, nurse practitioner, occupational therapy and social work interns, accounting staff, and office support staff. 

OT Interns

We welcome interns from numerous universities, including Dominican University, Samuel Merritt College, San Jose State University, University of Southern California, Loma Linda University, Texas Women’s University, Tufts University, Florida International University, New York University, and many more. 

Expectations for OT Interns

Since this is a specialized setting, there are certain personal characteristics that seem to be required in order to enable an intern to really enjoy their experience. Therefore, please read through this list carefully.  If you feel that the following characteristics are indicative of you, this setting may be a great fit.  If not, you may want to consider a more structured or traditional psychosocial setting.  Self directed/independent learner  |  Flexible, adaptable, and creative  |  Good time management and the ability to multi-task  |  Assertive and energetic  |  Positive attitude and patience  |  Team player and good communication skills  |  Professionalism  |  
Excellent documentation skills

Assignments throughout this affiliation may consist of the following:

OTTP – OT Internship Coordination Process and Deadlines 

After the contract with the school has been established:

MSW, MFT Track, and LPCC Internships at OTTP

At OTTP we offer 1st and 2nd year internships to students who are working towards their MSW, MFT or LPCC. We are able to work with any College within California and currently work with about 5 different Universities.  

Description of Internships

Majority of the internship opportunities are within our Out-Patient Mental Health Services Programs. These programs serve low income clients between the ages of 5-21. The services provided within these programs are psychotherapy, group therapy, clinical case management and occupational therapy (occupational therapy is only provided by OT staff however). All interns are supervised by either an LCSW or an MFT.

 Interns gain experience in the following areas:

Interns gain experience in the above areas at a pace that fits in with their own previous experience level and readiness. Interns are provided a minimum of 1 hour of supervision a week, however, their field instructor is available to answer their questions any time during business hours and they often meet several times a week in order to provide the training and supervision an intern needs. The internship hours are flexible but typically are 2-3 days a week.

 Process and Timing for Applying for an Internship

Interns and/or their field liaisons should reach out to  Erika Moore, LCSW to inquire about an internship. She can be reached at:

Once contact is made, the intern will be asked to send their resume to Erika Moore. She will follow-up with the intern and set up an interview (at least one interview, sometimes two). A decision will follow shortly after on whether OTTP is a good fit for the intern. 

OTTP can accept interns at any time during the year, however, typically intern placement runs from September through May.  

Still Interested? If so, wonderful!
Speak to your fieldwork coordinator & we hope to meet you soon! We are committed to an ongoing focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity in our hiring practices, policies, and clinical interventions.