Below you will find a list of items or services that have been requested to meet specific needs. A young person may have found a job, but needs a bike to get to work on time. A family may have recently found permanent housing and find they need furnishings. A student may need a better laptop in order to participate more successfully in an online class. If you are able to donate one of these items, please use the contact form beneath the list to coordinate with our team. Your donation may be tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity! Our community is stronger when we support one another.

Item/Service Needed

Date Item Is Needed

Reason For Request

1. Grocery gift cards


Support a family experiencing food insecurity with the donation of a grocery store gift card

2. Twin mattress, pillows, and bed sheets


A young person is in need of a twin mattress, twin-sized bed sheets, and pillows

3. One XL men's coat and one M women's coat in dark colors


Two youth have outgrown their winter coats and are in need of new ones

4. New breast pump


A new young mother is in need of a breast pump

5. Bike Lock


This item will support a youth who uses their bike to get to work

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